Wurstfest is a time-honored tradition that began in 1961 and takes place every year in New Braunfels, TX. This year marks its 60th anniversary. This 10-day festival celebrates German culture and is full of Texas fun! It will take place November 5-14 in their new building at Landa Park, which is on the same grounds as the old one that burned down in a devastating fire in 2019. The rebuild cost more than 10 million dollars, but a fire wasn’t going to stop them. The festival has rebuilt and come back better than ever! 

Wurstfest is the biggest contributor to nonprofits in the New Braunfels area, and it’s made possible by the community coming together to preserve history. Businesses come together to raise money to help the community. The festival celebrates more than just sausage, beer, and pretzels – it reminds New Braunfels of its German roots. Every vendor participating is nonprofit, as is the rest of the festival, and it’s run by OPAs and OMAS. The festival is incredibly important to the city of New Braunfels.  

Food and drink are available throughout the festival grounds, as this is the backbone of any Bavarian celebration! Drink tickets will be available for purchase in order to enjoy beer, but food vendors will accept cash. Bring the family and visit the carnival and mini-golf course, or walk through the marketplace with friends. There will be live entertainment throughout the grounds, and you can visit one of the two biergartens. No matter what you choose to do, there will be plenty to do for everyone. 

Get involved in Wurstfest by purchasing a paver to be part of Wurstfest history, and get your tickets so you don’t miss out on a New Braunfels tradition!