Wide Open Hill Country Spaces

The Texas Hill Country truly is one of the most unique places to live in the World. That’s why areas like New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, and Wimberley are some of the most sought after home locations in Texas and beyond. Besides the hospitality from the neighbors, great food, and diversity usually found in Texas, it sets itself apart with its beautifully rugged, yet inviting scenery.


Hamilton Pool

One of the most striking features, and probably most famous is Hamilton Pool. Named after it’s previous owner, Morgan C. Hamilton, Hamilton Pool is iconic in the Texas area. It was created when erosion caused the dome of an underground river to completely collapse. The waterfalls and mist from the river keep the whole camp cool in the summer, creating a real-life oasis for visitors.


McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park is another great spot to relax, cool off, and unwind in the beautiful Texas fresh air. It’s upper and lower falls are popular swimming holes, and are gorgeous when combined with the hill country backdrop! Onion creek runs through this state park, creating a lush landscape, complete with miles upon miles of hiking trails, and the occasional rock climbing spot.


Hamilton Pool

Not far from Hamilton pool lives the Pace Bend Park & Campground. The camping here is hard to beat. With over 300 campsites there is no need to reserve. Just show up and pick the one closest to the water! If you’re feeling brave, take a jump off one of the cliffs and into the deep blue below! Grab some floaties and relax in the beautiful blue lake water. Tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are all popular activities on the lake.