When working with a builder to choose a floor plan, you may be focused on decisions like what kind of kitchen you want, how open your floor plan is, the size of the rooms and how many bathrooms there are. Don’t get us wrong, these are all important factors. However, one decision many people overlook is choosing the best location for your master bedroom, based on the flow of your home, your family dynamics and how long you plan to live in your custom build.

Studies show that on average, you spend one third of your day in your bedroom- it’s important to ensure that it works for you! To help you make a decision, we’ve listed a few factors to consider when choosing a location for your bedroom.

First Floor or Second Floor?  

First floor bedrooms are very convenient, and often the most popular choice. They keep parents on the bottom level, so they’re close to the core of the home, and adds an extra element of safety in case of an emergency. Next, consider how long you’ll stay in the home. If you think you may retire in this build, having a first-floor bedroom will serve you in the long-run, eliminating the need to regularly climb the stairs as the years pass. Additionally, a first-floor bedroom is known to increase the resale value of your home, and can open it up to a larger market of buyers should you choose to sell. 

However, there are some cons. First floor bedrooms are not as private, as they’re often fairly close to main areas such as the living room and kitchen. Due to this, noise is a common complaint. If you want to go to bed while people are still moving around downstairs, you may experience trouble sleeping in some cases. Though, if you have young kids, the majority of noise in your home might actually come from upstairs. Think about the dynamics of your family to help you make the best decision. 

If you know you’re a particularly light sleeper, placing your bedroom on the second floor might be the more favorable option for you. Though you’re located closer to other bedrooms, you can still maintain distance by placing your bedroom down a private hallway to help block noise. For those with children, if you find yourself tending to children many times during the night, you may find it easier to have your bedroom located closer to them. 

 Give Yourself Options

Both options have such great benefits that it can be hard to choose! Overtime, our needs and desires change. Consider building in options. If you’re leaning towards a second story bedroom, but see yourself retiring in this home, perhaps a downstairs guest bedroom can later be turned into the master bedroom. By planning ahead, you can have the best of both worlds.

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