Summer is all about spending time outdoors. What better place to get outdoors than your own backyard? At Platinum, our dedication to building your dream home goes beyond the four walls of the house. Our team of experts are qualified to build custom swimming pools and decking, outdoor kitchens, “she sheds” and workshops, and more! Whatever your dream is for your custom home, Platinum delivers.

Custom Pools

Not only do swimming pools add resale value to your home, but they’re a great source of entertainment! Pool parties, lazy summer days, and family swim time all happen in the water. In this Texas heat, pools are a luxury that are worth the investment. With custom pools, you’re in complete control of what features you want to integrate. Things like beach entries, waterfalls, and swim-up bars are all options that can enhance your backyard experience. Your pool can be built according to what you foresee your needs being – beautiful and serene grottos for the adults, or built out with waterslides and jumping ledges for the kids! Our team can help you design and achieve the perfect swimming pool for your lifestyle.

Outdoor Kitchens and Entertainment Centers

Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space with a custom outdoor kitchen on the patio! Keep it simple with just a grill and some counter space, or get a little wild and add things like a pizza oven or refrigerator. Mix and match your essentials to create the perfect space to cook for and entertain your family and friends.The options are limitless with your patio space – from materials to layouts, there is no end to the possibilities. Make your space entirely unique by adding a fireplace or fire pit for the cooler nights. Give your favorite sports season an upgrade with an outdoor TV and custom beer taps on the counter. If you choose to wire your home for automation, those benefits can extend to the outdoors to control things like lighting and audio. Because the outdoors are an extension of your home, we want to help you create a space that suits your every need.


Your outdoor space will be incomplete without beautiful landscaping to compliment it. Our team of experts will recommend the best options based on your location and desired upkeep. Landscaping has the ability to add color and excitement to the outside of your home, as well as provide things like shade and the privacy that you desire. Trees and grass offer respite from the heat of the summer, and they benefit the air and water surrounding your home! Good landscaping can increase the value of your home, make your space beautiful, and benefit your health. 

We know your dream home doesn’t stop at the door, and neither does our expertise. Our experienced team can help you reap the benefits of the great outdoors. Contact us today to get started and see your dream home complete!