Bring some life to your backyard space by adding these 4 custom outdoor features this year! Adding backyard additions to your Platinum Classic Custom Home will level up not only the look of your home but also the feel of your home. Keep reading to learn more about how to incorporate outdoor amenities into your yard. 

Texas is hot! Add a pool!

The first custom outdoor feature, and possibly most obvious in the Texas heat, to include in your outdoor space is a pool! The easiest way to add dimension to your backyard is adding a pool! It is both tranquil and useful on those hot July Texas days. Don’t forget the area around the pool though! Throw in some lounge chairs, umbrellas, a diving board, and maybe a slide for added fun. 

Waterfall Garden

If you do not want to commit to building a pool but still want that water element in your backyard add a waterfall garden. This can be big or small depending on how extravagant you want it to be. Plant some flowers, build a rock wall, and your backyard just became your sanctuary! 

Turn Up The Heat With a Fire-pit

A fire-pit is a sleek addition to your backyard. Not only will it keep you warm during the winter but it is also pretty to look at, a conversation starter, and great for a s’mores session. 

Cool off with an Outdoor Shower

This is an addition that will instantly level up your backyard. Become one with nature and add an outdoor shower! Bonus points if you add eucalyptus to the shower head for aromatherapy. 

The options are limitless when creating your perfect backyard space! Take some cues from these ideas or come up with your own to curate your home’s amenities.

While you could certainly add on these features to your current home, there’s nothing better than building a custom home that is uniquely built for you and your families needs. Our team is specialized in walking each of our clients through each step of the home building process.

If you’re looking for a custom home builder in the New Braunfels and surrounding areas, get in touch with us today!