Is that warm air and bright sun getting you in the summer dinner party mood? Check out some of our cool party tips and tricks that are sure to liven up any party this summer season.

Bring The Party Outside

Why have a themed summer dinner party inside when the weather is so nice out? Bust out the picnic table, lawn chairs, bluetooth speaker, and bring your dinner party outside if the weather allows! A backyard party creates a different vibe and is more fun overall than sitting at the dining room table. Just be sure to turn on an outdoor fan or keep the cold drinks flowing. Bonus points if you have a pool that the guests can enjoy!

Cool Off With Granita

Ever heard of a granita? It’s like shaved ice for grown ups, it also happens to be one of the easiest summer desserts ever. Blend together water, sugar, and watermelon then freeze. When the mixture is frozen it is ready to eat! Substitute the watermelon for different fruits to give some variety to your party. So refreshing, easy, and great for a summer party. 

Decorate With Live Greenery

Ditch the cheesy party decor and instead opt for your plants to do the decorating. Experiment with hanging plants, flowerbeds, and cool planters. The opportunities are endless when you work with the outdoor elements that you already have in your backyard. 

Wine Cubes as Ice

Using wine as ice for your wine is a genius idea I can’t believe we didn’t think of sooner. It is an easy trick that sounds a little too good to be true. Keep your wine cold and fresh by freezing your favorite wine in an ice tray. Once the wine is frozen, pop them into your drink and voila! This tip is not only great in the summer but year round to keep your drink cold and not watered down.

Serve Something Everyone Loves

Serving a group of people is hard, especially when you have picky eaters. Be sure to have options at your summer party so no one feels left out. When in doubt, serve snacks! It’s hard to mess up a cheese board and fruit. Don’t forget to crank the tunes to get you and your guests in the summer party spirit! 

Still Searching for the Perfect Party Space?

If all of these tips excite you, but you aren’t in the “perfect party space” yet, we would love to help! At Platinum Classic Custom Homes, we specialize in building custom homes that our clients are happy to share with family and friends. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation!