Looking for your next DIY Project but needing some inspiration? We’ll make it easy for you! Incorporating greenery into your home is a great way to enhance your décor! House plants liven up your space with color and texture. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries, faux plants can be just as effective. Here are a few options!

Mason Jar Pots

What’s a DIY project without a mason jar?! These are super simple. Collect a couple of mason jars to paint. Grab some of your favorite fake flowers and small leafy green plants to stuff inside and find the perfect shelf space or table to set them upon! You can select bright or pastel paint colors to stand out or go with the farmhouse style keeping it simple in black and white. Tie some rope around the top to add extra texture to the jar.

Succulent Shelf

Geometric shapes and succulents go together so well! They create a peaceful, modern, fresh, and clean kind of atmosphere when added to any room. If you need a reason to fill a shelf in the bathroom or living room, succulents might be the perfect touch! You can buy them on Amazon, your local nursery, or even at Home Depot! Find a few geometric, neutral pots or glass terrariums to keep the sleek look. Bonus: add string lights to complete the look!

Mini Cactus Pots

Cactus plants hardly need attention, so maybe this is the route you choose when trying for your first live house plant. Or they could serve as the perfect personal gift for teachers and friends! Collect a few small pots and layout the newspaper on the table- time to paint! Cactus plants always stand out with textured designs on the pots, so get creative with your approach this time.