The kitchen can make or break a home. When buying a pre-built home, a kitchen can be the deciding factor. With a custom home, the ability to design a kitchen to fit your family’s lifestyle can be a large draw. And it should be! Everyone uses their kitchen in a unique way, so designing it around your life is a luxury.


For some, an open floor plan is crucial. Being able to see into the living room from the kitchen is a large benefit when hosting large groups or cooking dinner while the kids play. For others, the ability to hide the mess when company is over is the priority. Designing your own kitchen gives you the ability to choose how to do these things. A long galley kitchen is the most functional for some, while a kitchen centered around a large island can be ideal for others. Choosing to have a dining space in the kitchen can be beneficial, as well. Designing the layout also means that you get to decide how close the appliances are, whether the sink goes in the island or by the window overlooking the yard, and where the pantry goes. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in your current kitchen, and take those things into consideration during the design meetings. Consider what your kitchen is used for besides just cooking. Do you tend to hang out in the kitchen, eat in there, or entertain? Make sure the space is functional for all of these uses.


Everyone dreams of a beautiful, well-organized pantry, not only to store food but also small appliances and other things that we may not have otherwise had space or a designated spot for. A pantry with well-thought-out shelving and cabinetry can make all the difference. A butler’s pantry can offer food prep space to keep the mess hidden from guests, or it can serve as a coffee bar to keep kitchen counters clutter-free. Food pantries don’t always have to be exclusively shelving, either. Add in counter space, pull-out drawers, or cabinet doors to hide clutter or store extra glassware and dishes.


Custom cabinets can offer a world of possibilities in a kitchen. Adding lazy Susans to corner shelves make better use of those cabinets, while pull-out spice racks can fit in small spaces between appliances. Some choose to build in space for pet bowls and even add an extra faucet near them for easy water bowl filling. Keep in mind that cabinet height will affect the overall look of your kitchen – if you want your kitchen to look taller, stretch those cabinets to the ceiling or add small cabinets on top for seasonal or lesser-used items. Including things like wine refrigerators and pot fillers aren’t always necessary, but if they are something that you feel your family would use a lot, they can make great additions!

A custom home is an investment that will pay off in the end if it’s done correctly. Always work with builders and design teams that you trust. Platinum Homes has worked hard to build a reputation and team that will get you into your custom dream home! Contact us today to get started.