Carla Royder is the designer that helps create the beautiful homes you see on our website. She works with our clients to design the interior of their dreams. Keep reading to learn a little about why she loves what she does!

What is a design mistake you see people commonly make?  

Not using a designer! It blows my mind that this is the largest purchase most will make in their lifetime and they forgo hiring a professional to make the home exactly how they want. They think they can do it on their own, but they have no idea where to start and get easily overwhelmed. The cosmetic selections are so important and we can help our clients find what they are looking for at the most competitive price, and save them from making costly mistakes.

What color do you never tire of?

Black. In all the years I have been doing design, black has always been a way to bring elegance and sophistication. It’s timeless and every home should have at least a touch of it. I love that it has finally once again made its way back into color trends in the last few years. I never tire of beautiful layers of black and charcoal. 

What is something that clients are usually resistant to initially but end up loving? 

That’s a hard one. All clients are different. I think most ask for timeless interiors. That’s a tall order since most interiors need an update every 5 years.

What is your favorite part about being a designer? 

It is what I was born to do. As a child, I fell asleep dreaming of the backyard fort I was going to build with Carrara floors and a sunken living room. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

My personal aesthetic is somewhere between high-end bohemian traveler meets European traditional. With that being said, I’ve done farmhouse to modern interiors over the last 20 plus years and it’s always been a rewarding challenge. I love making a space speak about who is living there so there is no aesthetic I can’t do.

What do you usually start with when designing a room? 

I like to ask a client about how they want to be perceived, how they want people to feel when they walk in and how they want to feel about the space. It’s a very psychological experience and we really try to tap into what overall feel a client wants. Once we have that, we focus on what aspect will help get them there, whether it’s the longleaf pine floors or the smeared mortar walls. We listen to the clients’ desired feel and run with it from there.

What is your favorite type of room to design and why? 

Gosh, that’s hard. I love kids rooms, but I can’t say it’s my one and only favorite. I love to set a table too! I love the details and I love to surprise a client with them at the big reveal.

What is your dream home must-have? 

I’ve always joked I needed 5 different homes so I could decorate each in a different style, but at the end of the day, all I need is a space I can feel proud of and my family feels happy in.