Cooling off has never been more luxurious than it is with Platinum Classic Custom Homes! Sipping on summer mocktails is one of the best ways to spend the final months of the season. Even better? You could be sipping these mocktails and cooling off outside! Our state-of-the-art pools and spas can turn your home into a luxury vacation. If you’re in need of a Summer refresh, check out these mocktail recipes curated for sipping poolside.

Strawberry Ginger Lemonade – bon appetit

With fresh strawberries, tangy ginger, and sweet lemonade, this mocktail has all of our senses happy. This mocktail is perfect for sipping anytime, but when strawberries are in season it’s the best! Mocktails are all about having the fun experience without any of the negative side effects, and this strawberry ginger lemonade will hit the spot every time. 

Blue Lagoon Mocktail – always use butter

Mocktails are meant to be simple, tasty, and exciting. This blue lagoon mocktail from always use butter is one of our new favorites! The addition of blue food coloring is reminiscent of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water, but tastes so much sweeter thanks to the fresh lemon. Having a mocktail that matches your new pool? Yes, please!

Chocolate Martini Mocktail – Food Network

Brought to us by the forever-loved Food Network, this chocolate martini mocktail is truly the sweetest treat. Using a combination of dipping chocolate and chocolate sprinkles, the taste of Summer is here. After all, isn’t chocolate the best part of a s’more? Sipping on this dessert mocktail will be perfect in the evening, once the air starts to cool. Who doesn’t love chocolate next to the pool?

Whatever your taste, Platinum Classic Custom Homes is your go-to for new builds and renovations. Contact us today to learn how we can make your dreams a reality.