Do you have questions about the home building process? Platinum Classic Custom Homes has the answers you’re looking for! Throughout the entirety of your project, we aim to be transparent, consistent, and keep safety as our number one priority. It’s natural to have questions about the different processes that home builders use, so we’d like to share our home building process and answer frequently asked questions!

How do I find the right lot?

While it can sometimes be challenging finding the perfect place to build your new custom home, we have the solution. A part of our services at Platinum Classic Custom Homes is to help you find a build site that is not only in a prime location, but suitable for building to occur. We are happy to walk the property of your choosing with you and give our opinion from a construction perspective. No guesswork here! 

How do I choose a layout?

Don’t worry! Once the lot is selected, we will call in our Award Winning Architectural Designer Shawn Campbell. Design and floor plan ideas will be discussed with you, and your vision is valuable every step of the way. In some cases, we may recommend that a topography and/or tree survey be performed in order to make the architecture more accurate compared to real life lot conditions.

How do I know I’m in good hands?

We can’t speak for all custom home builders, however we are part of an elite 25 builder strong co-op known nationally as Custom Builder USA (CBUSA), and locally known as “Texas Custom Builders Guild”, each of the members of this co-op use the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) Contract and Warranty Documents. In addition to this, once the plans are 100% complete and a full turnkey proposal has been agreed on, we  will provide a detailed list of specifications particular to the house and plans, as well as an outline of all costs associated with the build site. Transparency is key!

When can we begin construction?

In addition to obtaining city permits, HOA or ACC approvals, etc., this is the phase where we finalize all of the details and get ready to build. If there is a lender involved, we need to get the complete set of construction plans along with all signed contract docs in the hands of the lender so he/she may begin their appraisal and underwriting process. Generally speaking, this process takes around 45 days. While the lender is doing their work, we send the plans out to our foundation engineer for the slab design to be completed, we also send the plans to our frame engineer so they can design the framing plans. Once this phase is complete, we’re ready to build your dream home!

What if I need help with interior design?

Worry not, our Award Winning Interior Design team from Carla Royder Designs will be reaching out to you to begin setting up the interior design selections! We will also provide a Vendor Contact List to you  to contact vendors and set up appointments to make selections. Carla’s team will help with all of the aesthetic items such as paint/stain colors, textures, flooring patterns, etc. She also does full interior design for furnishing, window treatments, etc., so if there is a need for any of those services, we can discuss and include those as well.

We hope that these 5 Answered questions about the home building process helped shed some light on the amazing experience. Platinum Classic Custom Homes is proud to share this process and build Award Winning homes every day! If you’re ready to get started, contact us!